Karine Staehle Resembles Marge Simpson With Striking New Hair Colour!

Looks like Yara Zaya isn’t the only 90 Day Fiancé star to get experimental with her hair…Karine Staehle has had a serious make-over – or should we say hair-over – as the Brazilian beauty just debuted a striking brand new look! 

The 25-year-old 90 Day Fiancé star unveiled her brand new electric blue hair colour on social media, just two weeks after giving birth to her and husband Paul Staehle‘s baby boy, Ethan

Is it just us, or does she seriously resemble Simpson family matriarch Marge Simpson? Especially with the yellow T-shirt that may or may not have been intentional… 

Unlike her 90 Day co-star Yara Zaya, who openly admitted that her luscious mermaid-inspired locks weren’t real, we have every reason to believe that Karine’s hair is the real deal. Mainly because she was very forthcoming with information, and shared the gruelling step by step process which was needed to achieve the bold look. 

Via husband Paul’s Instagram Story, Karine revealed the platinum blonde shade her hair turned to after a long and arduous bleaching process. (Don’t try this at home, there’s a very real possibility that your hair could fall out if a professional doesn’t take this task on!) 

Karine Staehle 90 Day Fiancé Hair
Courtesy: Instagram.com/90dayfiancenews

The next picture depicted the bright blue colour in all its glory, while the final image showed the final result, i.e. a bold and voluminous blow out! 

Courtesy: Instagram/PaulJasonStaehle

We’re glad that there doesn’t seem to be any drama between Karine and her 37-year-old husband at the moment, and hope they can enjoy the new addition to their family – as well as Karine’s new hair – in peace and harmony. 

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