90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Details The Online Bullying She Faced After $72,000 Plastic Surgery

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima has opened up about the brutal bullying she received from online trolls, following her candid posts about her plastic surgery. 

The 34-year-old Brazil native did what so many A-Z listers don’t do (even when it’s extremely obvious!) and bravely admitted to having a series of plastic surgery procedures. According to TMZ, the procedures she was said to have had cost an eye-watering $72,000

Instagram / Larissalimareal

She previously confessed to having liposuction, as well as work on her nose, lips, cheekbones, chin, breasts, and butt. Did we leave anything out? 

It would seem she was well equiped to pay for the plastic surgeries and willing to endure the pain during recover, however, we don’t think she was prepared for the online abuse she would receive for a) having the surgery, and b) openly admitting to it… 

“Today has been one of the worst days of virtual bullying for me,” she wrote on Instagram, as a caption to a recent selfie. 

“This does not make me afraid, I will still be posting my pictures, talking about my procedures and earning my money the way I choose to live my life and the way I choose to change or not my body.”

She then confessed that the majority of the bullying came from women, which is sadly something we aren’t too surprised about. 

However, Larissa went on to say that, despite the bullying, she is in good spirits, as most of the people she has met in America have been nothing but “welcoming”… 

“Never have I received so much hatred, the majority from women,” she continued. 

“Thank God and God bless America, as the people I have met personally have been welcoming and wonderful.”

She then went on to say that not all women’s opinions reflected those of the cowardly trolls, as many women had been extremely kind to her – especially when she met them in person… 

“The fans I meet when shopping or at the gym are so pleasant and excited to approach me. I do not condemn all the women,” she cleared up. 

“One in the public eye has to grow a thick skin, but the constant bullying against the cast members will push someone to the brink one day that he or she can no longer take it.”

She’s not wrong. But it isn’t just online trolls who have found fault with Larissa’s surgery though, as her ex-husband Colt Johnson has made no secret of his disapproval… 

“I can’t keep track,” the 36-year-old Las Vegas native told US Weekly last month about his ex-wife’s plastic surgery procedures. 

“I feel like every week there’s a new surgery with her or something or another. I don’t know if I have the last known look of Larissa Lima.”

Whether you love or loathe Larissa’s make-over, kindness costs nothing. 

We thank Larissa for speaking out, and hope this will encourage social media users to be a little more considerate with their comments.

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