Paul and Karine Staehle Have DNA Tests Performed on Their Two Sons

Since being on 90 Day Fiance, viewers have watched Paul and Karine’s roller coaster of a relationship via their social media accounts. The pair are no strangers to drama and appear to always have something interesting going on.

After a few separation scares, it looks like the married couple was able to conquer their problems and are now stronger than ever. They ended up moving to Brazil last year, where they currently reside and seem to enjoy living.

More recently, the Staehle’s welcomed their second baby boy, Ethan, which was only a few weeks ago. Paul Staehle took to Instagram to confirm their bundle of joy was born “healthy and very fast” in a “medical facility” in Brazil.

As seen on past episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, Paul has accused Karine of cheating on him, even going so far as to ask her to take an STD test when they first met. Though we have not seen any solid evidence backing up his accusations of Karine’s alleged infidelety, viewers of 90 Day Fiance first saw Paul’s determination to have a DNA test performed on their first son, Pierre.

At that time, the Staehle’s did not end up pursuing the DNA test on 90 Day Fiancé, however, Paul recently shared that the couple has in fact had the tests performed on their sons, Pierre and Ethan.

Though it seems like the 90 Day Fiance cameras were not rolling at the time of testing, Paul did take to his Instagram account on Thursday evening to share with his followers, “We will be doing a live stream [on ‘OnlyFans’] getting the [DNA] results back… The results should be back around mid March.”

Paul shared the reason why he and Karine decided to have the DNA tests performed is because people kept “saying different things” and egging them on to do this, which ultimately seems to have got to them.

He even shared his predictions for the outcome of the tests by saying, “I’m pretty confident I know what the results are going to be. Karine feels the same way. We are both on agreement with that. Once and for all, everybody can see that yes, both children are mine. I hope there are no surprises.. But we will be doing a live stream for the results on ‘Only Fans’ in mid March.” Check out his official announcement video, below:

How can you watch Paul & Karine’s DNA results on livestream?

‘Only Fans’ is a subscription based social media platform, so, in order to view any content on the platform, viewers typically purchase a subscription from the content creator. The content released on ‘Only Fans’ never leaves the platform, meaning it’s illegal to share content from the website to other platforms.

It seems like Karine and Paul Staehle have recently encountered issues with people sharing content from their OnlyFans account, which led Paul to threaten offenders with prosecution.

He recently shared on his Instagram, “It’s depressing to find a lawyer to help my wife and other 90 Day Fiance cast begin lawsuits and prosecutions of people sharing and leaking Only Fans info. We want to thank everyone who sent Karine and her family images and videos for easier identification for our new legal team.”

Yikes! It sounds like there may have been some ‘explicit’ content shared on their OnlyFans, nevertheless, it is now rumored that they are sticking to more family-friendly content. For this reason, if you’d like to see the DNA tests unfold, the only way will be to check out their Onlyfans account in March. Until then, we will continue to keep you updated on all the Paul and Karine drama.

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