90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Zaya Debuts “Cool New Hair”, Looks Almost Unrecognizable

Just when you thought that Yara Zaya couldn’t surprise you any more… 

The Ukrainian new mom just unveiled a brand new hair colour and hair style on social media, and we have to say that it’s made her look almost unrecognisable! 

The 25-year-old 90 Day Fiancé star – who now sees herself as a social media influencer – debuted her brand new brownish purple mermaid-inspired hairstyle on her Instagram account; although it isn’t actually what she originally wanted to post about, if we are to believe her caption… 

According to her caption, she originally wanted to share the second part of her and Jovi’s love story, however was unable to edit the video on time… 

“I was trying so hard and took so much time to make Part 2 video of when me and Jovi first meet and our story, but when I go to edit I realize I waste full day,” she began. 

“So this video I will have to re-make with my cool new hair. but for now I will bring you shopping video.”

Her “cool new hair” attracted a lot of attention if the comments are anything to go by – most of it positive with comments such as, “beautiful mermaid hair,” “Oh you definitely pull off that color”, and “wow nice color”. 

While many 90 Day Fiancé and Yara Zaya fans were “digging” the hairdo and even classed it as “elegant”, a few other commenters didn’t feel the same way… 

“Whew, love the blonde on you… Don’t change ever IMHO, blonde makes you look so much hotter,” wrote one user, while another wrote, “Blonde 100000% blonde”. 

“She changed her hair. Omg. This is not good!” wrote another. 

However, the naysayers shouldn’t despair, as it looks like Yara’s hair was “just for video”, as she confirmed that she is “still blonde” in real life. Phew! Or not phew, depending on your stance… 

If she is looking for a more permanent change though, we think purple mermaid hair might be a great way to go! 

What say you? Do you love Yara’s new – albeit, fake and temporary – hair? Or should she remain a blonde beauty forever?

Check out (part 1) of Yara Zaya’s Youtube video, “When Jovi and I first meet..”

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