Shocking 90 Day Fiancé Confession, as Mike Tells Natalie He Doesn’t Love Her

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé revealed that Mike & Natalie may be having significant relationship problems, as during a much-needed couple’s therapy session, Mike Youngquist eventually tells Natalie Mordovtseva that he no longer loves her.

The Ukraine native, Natalie, also confessed that Mike is “ignoring” her emotions as she struggles to adapt to life in the USA, so it seems that both parties are somewhat unhappy.

They were asked what actually keeps them together, since they seemingly do nothing but argue…A valid question, we must admit, since we’ve witnessed the pair fight about everything from what to eat, how much Mike drinks, and just about everything in-between.

Heck, we even saw Natalie throw her engagement ring at her fiancé during one particularly heated argument, so its no surprise that things may have boiled over, however, we weren’t quite expecting the answers that either of them gave.

Natalie seemingly answered the therapist’s question by simply thanking Mike for bringing her to America on a K-1 visa, adding that things were “difficult” for her, which Mike was not happy with. 

He later questioned whether she still felt like they were in love with each other, and his own confession is what stunned us the most… 

“We’re not in love right now. You often ask me why I don’t want to talk about marriage or a wedding right now… and it’s because we’re not in love,” Mike bluntly revealed. 

“Problem is, we’re not in love anymore,” he continued. 

“I don’t want to make all these plans and if it’s not there, then maybe we just need to come to a conclusion that it’s not there.”

As expected, Natalie was pretty heartbroken by Mike’s confession and seemed to be quite shaken after hearing what he had to say. 

“It’s hard hearing someone say he doesn’t love you, while you love this person so much,” she said, before talking about her life with her ex-husband. 

“I was married for eight years but my ex-husband never said that he doesn’t love me. Ever,” she continued. “It’s a new, unexpected, what he said to me. I wish I wouldn’t hear it.”

Can they recover from this potentially life changing confession? We don’t think it looks good – especially if a sneak preview of next week’s episode is anything to go by… 

“Your beauty is ugly. Just because you think you’re the most hottest sh*t in the world, doesn’t make you a great person inside,” Mike tells Natalie during yet another heated argument. 

Although we will have to wait to find out what their fate is, I think we can all agree that the next episode is going to be a good one.

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