Sarah Jessen Battles Breast Cancer – 90 Day Fiancé

Juliana Custodio (Brazil) and Michael Jessen (Connecticut) starred on 90 Day Fiancé – Season 7. Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah, also starred on the show, as they share custody of their two children, Max and Cece.

After their season of 90 Day Fiancé came to an end, Sarah and Juliana continue to maintain a very close relationship. Their bond may be confusing to some viewers, but is ideal, especially for the sake of the children involved.

90 Day Fiance Fans Too Quick To Judge?

Sarah previously commented about their blended family, after receiving some backlash on social media during their time on the show. We agree with what she had to say:

“I wish these haters would tell me what is wrong with this. My children have four amazing adults caring for and watching out for them. We live close to each other but we respect each other’s privacy and boundaries. I couldn’t ask for a better situation. Would it be better if Michael and I resented each other and had strife between us? Please tell me a better situation than what we have. I’d like to know your situation or formula for a blended family.”

Sarah also re-married a man named Sean Naso in 2019. Juliana and Michael were present for their wedding, further demonstrating the quality family dynamic at play. Check out a photo from Sean and Sarah’s wedding, taken from Instagram:

Courtesy of Sarah’s Instagram

Unexpected Diagosis For 90 Day Fiance Star

After their season of 90 Day Fiancé came to an end, it seems the blended family has enjoyed a normal, happy life in Greenwich, Connecticut. Until recently, when Sarah made a shocking announcement that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She remains positive and optimistic, embracing the fight ahead, which is both inspiring and heroic.

On March 20th, Sarah posted the upsetting news on her Instagram. It reads as follows:

“Your thoughts and prayers have kept me grounded and afloat during this Breast Cancer journey. The stories I have received from those who have been down this road are inspiring and keep me hopeful!”

Sarah continues, “My family cannot begin to express our appreciation. The lumpectomy pathology indicates that the cancer is no longer contained (and) is now an invasive form. I will have another surgery next Thursday (March 27th) to have lymph node removal. Treatment will be determined based on the findings of that surgery. Keep the prayers coming please. Not just for me but also prayers of gratitude for the amazing support system I have. GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS LADIES!”

Courtesy of Sarah’s Instagram

Sarah Receives Lots of 90 Day Fan Love

During this most difficult time, Sarah and her loved ones have received an immense outpouring of love, support, and prayers through social media.

One follower commented to Sarah’s husband, Sean, “I hope she recovers soon. You are a lucky man. Your wife is absolutely beautiful.”

Sean replied, “I hope so too. Looks like we will know if it’s going to be radiation chemo after her next surgery but just taking it step by step. Thanks for all the love. It means so much to her I can’t even explain it in words. For weeks when we had the diagnosis it was awful and depressing but since she announced it and all this love poured in, it literally gave her strength.. so thank you and if anyone else is reading this thank all of you.. We’re eternally grateful. Stay safe.”

Sarah had her breast cancer surgery on March 27th and now recovers at home. There have not yet been any further public updates from Sarah or her family via social media. We respect their privacy and will update you once they are ready to publicly inform everyone on her status. During this time, we ask everyone to continue to keep Sarah, her children, and surrounding loved ones in their thoughts and prayers.

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