Does 90 Day Fiancé Alum Jesse Meester Have a New Girlfriend?

Jesse Meester has been keeping quite busy since his debut on TLC‘s hit reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. It’s no secret that he and Darcey Silva did not end off on the best of terms, as their explosive breakup was broadcast for all to see near the end of season two of Before the 90 Days.

Since their break up, Jesse and Darcey have gone their separate ways and are both dating others, so it seems that this chapter of their lives is over and they are both looking to the future, more so than the rear-view mirror.

After the breakup, Darcey appears on the next season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with her new man, Tom Brooks, who will also be returning to the upcoming season, which premiers on February 23rd. Darcey is to be shown with Tom Brooks on the new season premiere, though she is rumored to no longer be in a relationship with him. Interesting.

Although it seems Darcey and Tom are done on social media, varying rumors between the two are currently circulating, leaving fans with no choice but to wait and see what the facts really are. Luckily for us, the wait for the premiere is not long, so we will be able to see for ourselves what is going on between those two, very soon.

As for Jesse Meester, who recently celebrated his 27th birthday in the Maldives, with whom we believe to be his new love interest. The 90 Day Fiancé alum began posting romantic photos with a blonde model back in June of 2019. Since then, the pair have been all over each other’s social media accounts, seemingly traveling around the world together and sharing intimate experiences.

Hofit Golan, the blonde beauty that has been spending time with Jesse Meester, is a well known and successful 34-year-old Isrealli fashion entrepreneur, travel influencer, TV host and model, with over one million Instagram followers.

Hofit shares photos with Jesse and certainly doesn’t hold back on showing her romantic side with the 90 Day Fiance Alum as they share many experiences traveling the world.

Jesse posted the following pictures with Hofit to his Instagram, along with a caption revealing the location it was taken:

90 Day Fiancé Jesse Meester Hofit Golan
Courtesy of Instagram: @JesseMeester
Photography by: @f.duka13

The above is the pair’s first photo posted together. It was taken at the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. The caption reads, “I might not always be standing in front of you, but that’s beacuse I’m behind you, protecting you from what you can’t see coming.”

90 Day Fiancé Jesse Meester Hofit Golan
Courtesy of Instagram: @JesseMeester

This photo of the pair was taken in Bodrum, Mugla, capturing an intimate moment aboard a boat while they enjoy the sunshine. Jesse captioned the photo with the following, “My symbol is one of passion and love, and a drive that fuels it. Do not learn from me as a man, learn from my actions that are symbolic of everything you have ever wanted in your life. Allow me to guide you, but never to lead you; only you, can take the lead.”

Hofit commented on the post, saying, “Till next time babe 💋💋.”

Courtesy of Instagram: @JesseMeester
Photography by: @MullyPhoto

The above photo captures a beautiful moment in the Maldives, where the couple recently celebrated Jesse’s 27th birthday.

90 Day Fiancé Jesse Meester Hofit Golan
Courtesy of Instagram: @JesseMeester
Photography by: @markxphotos

Jesse has not openly confirmed dating Hofit but doesn’t need to, as it’s crystal clear what their status is from their social media presence together. Either way, together or not, the recent psychology graduate, entrepreneur, fitness junkie, Cameo extraordinaire and star of 90 Day Fiance certainly looks happy with this new gal, Hofit. We wish Jesse nothing but the best in future endeavors and hope he finds true love.

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