90 Day Fiance Update: Who’s Still Together and Where Are They Now?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé love to keep up with the cast, even after their seasons have ended. Is your favorite 90 Day Fiance couple still together? Who’s still married and which couples have split-up? Find out below. We’ve included updates on couples that have been on the show, starting with the ‘Before the 90 Days’ series. Check it out!


Paul & Karine: Married

Paul (Kentucky) and Karine (Brazil) are still married. The couple welcomed their first son, Pierre, in March of 2019. They have been living in Kentucky. Although still together, the couple certainly has had their fair share of ups and downs, as seen through social media updates.

The couple recently visited Karine’s family in Manaus, Brazil, but are now back in the United States. They have threatened divorce in the past, however, it seems like the couple has been making their relationship work, for now. It is rumoured that they may make an appearance on a future digital series of 90 Day Fiance.. We will see!

90 Day Fiancé Paul and Karine
Paul & Karine Staehle Instagram

Darcey & Jesse: Split

Darcey (Connecticut) and Jesse (Netherlands) are, as most of you already know, no longer together. Viewers watched the couple crumble near the end of their season together and they’ve remained apart since. Darcey eventually starred on Before the 90 Days season 3 with a new love interest named Tom. Darcey and Tom’s update is also below.

As for Jesse, he’s working hard with his personal fitness and mental coaching business, MeesterPT. He also has a podcast and an online shop. Aside from Jesse’s entrepreneurial work, he recently announced that he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology. He has been traveling the world and spending time with model, Hofit Golan. It is rumored that there is a romance between the two.

90 Day Fiancé Jesse Meester
Courtesy of Instagram: Jesse Meester

Larry & Jenny: Married

Larry (Florida) and Jenny (Philippines) have been married for about one year. Jenny is now living in Florida with Larry, where they seem to live a happy, yet quiet life. The couple starred on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance ‘What Now’ after their original season ended. They have a joint YouTube account, where you can continue to follow their journey: Larry and Jenny Channel

90 Day Fiancé Larry and Jenny
Courtesy of Instagram: Larry and Jenny

Cortney & Antonio: Split

Cortney (Florida) and Antonio (Spain) are not together. They remain friends and it seems like there are no hard feelings between the ex-couple. Living in Orlando, Florida, Cortney is spending her time traveling around the world. She recently visited the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, and Hungary, to name a few. She seems to have caught the travel bug and is enjoying life.

The ex 90 Day Fiance couple reunited during her travels to Europe last summer. Antonio has been living in Shanghai, where he is actively pursuing his modeling and acting career.

90 Day Fiancé Cortney and Antonio
Courtesy of Instagram: @xoxo_cortney

Sean & Abby: Split

Sean and Abby are no longer together. Their relationship ended shortly after their season of the show concluded. Abby recently moved to the UK to be with her new fiance, Lou. The couple got engaged in March 2019 and seem to be very happy. She plans on staying in the UK, and they are in the process of planning their wedding.

90 Day Fiancé Abby
Courtesy of Abby’s Instagram

As for Sean, he is also in a new relationship, which he keeps fairly quiet about on his social media. He is currently residing in the U.S., with plans to move to the Dominican Republic one day. Perhaps this is where his new love interest lives. For now, he stays busy with home renovation projects.

90 Day Fiancé Sean Hiller
Courtesy of Sean Hiller’s Instagram

Patrick & Myriam: Split

These 90 Day Fiancé alums are not together anymore. Patrick welcomed his first son, Patrick Jr., last year with fiancé, Reneta. The couple got engaged in February of 2019 and seem to be quite happy. Patrick had a daughter from a previous marriage, which makes them now a family of four. The new parents are living in Las Vegas, where Patrick works as a DJ, playing at popular events around the city and the United States.

90 Day Fiancé Patrick
Courtesy of Instagram: Reneta J

Myriam still resides in Paris, where she recently joined the MTV France team as an interviewer. She has been recently working in Los Angeles, where she even attended Jamie Foxx’s birthday party in December! Myriam has a YouTube channel where you can follow her journey: Myriam Manhattan.

90 Day Fiancé Myriam
Courtesy of Instagram: Myriam


Angela & Michael: Married

The 90 Day Fiancé couple is still going strong. Viewers witnessed Angela & Michael get engaged during their season. Though it has been a somewhat rocky road for the lovers, they are hoping to have children in the near future and still work towards getting Michael to the US. The pair is also starring in the current season of 90 Day Fiance (season 7).

Viewers recently found out that Michaels visa was denied, but they are not going to give up. (Angela & Michael spoiler alert ahead. Continue reading at your discretion). Michael and Angela ended up getting married anyway. The lovebirds tied the knot in Nigeria, surrounded by Michael’s family and friends. Their wedding has not yet been aired on the 90 Day Fiancé series, but behind the scene photos from their big day were recently leaked online. We wish them nothing but the best moving forward and can’t wait to see the full wedding on TV. 

90 Day Fiancé Angela Michael
Courtesy of Instagram: Michael and Angela

Jon & Rachel: Married

Rachel and Jon are married, but still living apart. Rachel is currently living in the United States with their two daughters, while Jon still resides in England. They were reunited in the UK earlier this year, where they enjoyed some quality time together as a family.

After their recent time together came to an end, Rachel took it to her Instagram to write a heartwarming message, “Trips to England never seem to last long enough. However, I know to enjoy every single moment. I love you so much Jon Walters and I’ll miss you every second I’m away. Every day is another day closer to being together again. I love you.” — It seems like they are making the best of the situation and we hope they can be reunited soon.

90 Day Fiancé Jon Rachel
Courtesy of Instagram: Rachel Walters

Ricky & Ximena: Split

Ricky and Ximena (Colombia) are no longer together. Since being on 90 Day Fiance, Ricky has had a huge fitness transformation. He proudly documented his fitness journey through his Instagram and Youtube channel. Ricky has been dating others, but has not yet found the one. Ricky recently de-activated all forms of social media, supposedly to spend more time with his two daughters and focus on what matters most in life.

Ximena resides in Colombia, where she has been dating others since the split. As seen on the aftershow of Before the 90 Days, Ximena and Ricky did not end off on the best of terms. They ultimately went their separate ways, which seems to have been the best decision for all.

90 Day Fiancé Ricky Reyes
Ricky Reyes

Tarik & Hazel: Engaged

Tarik (Virginia Beach) and Hazel (Philippines) are still together. The couple is currently in a long-distance relationship, but seem to be very happy. They reunited last July when Tarik visited Hazel in the Philippines. While visiting, they spent time in El Nido, the island where Tarik proposed. We suspect that Hazel is still waiting for her visa, but in the meantime, Tarik has been starring on TLC’s Pillow Talk with his brother, Dean. Tarik is a realtor, full-time father to his little girl, and has also been creating music, so he keeps busy while his love remains abroad.

A few months ago, Tarik posted about Hazel on Instagram and we thought it was quite touching. The caption on his post below reflects the love they share: “I had so many rules that you became the exception to. So many standards that you exceeded. Also, I’m forever grateful for you pulling those knives out of my back that a smiling faced Judas shoved in. You are goals. #TarZel.”

90 Day Fiancé Tarik Hazel
Courtesy of Instagram: Tarik Myers


Rebecca & Zied: Engaged

Rebecca (Georgia) and Zied (Tunisia) got engaged on their season of Before the 90 Days. They are still living apart, but seem to be going strong. Zied has been quite busy working and apparently, it’s paying off, as recently he bought his own car. It seems like they are very ‘soooo’ much in love, as they post many photos of each other with loving captions. We look forward to their next reunion.

90 day fiancé Rebecca zied
Courtesy of Instagram: Zied

Omar & Avery: Married

Avery & Omar are married. As seen on 90 Day Fiance, the married couple is finding it difficult to bring Omar to the United States at this time, so it seems like they’ve decided to remain in the Middle East for the time being. They run an online shop together, where they sell unique pieces of jewelry and more: Albakour Kouture – Check it out!

90 day fiancé Avery Omar
Courtesy of Instagram: Avery and Omar

Jeniffer & Tim: Split

The couple remains quiet about their relationship. Their season ended off with Tim giving Jeniffer a promise ring. They seemed to be going strong during the 90 Day Fiance tell-all, but it looks like their relationship has faded since being on the show.

Jennifer has been reportedly dating and has even been spotted spending time with DJ Diplo, where they went on a helicopter ride together.

dj diplo
Courtesy of Instagram: Jennifer Tarazona

Tim has been starring on Pillow Talk with his ex, Veronica. Tim resides in North Carolina at the moment, while Jeniffer is still in Colombia.

Darcey & Tom: Split

Darcey recently confirmed the split through a recent Instagram post, stating, “Single and ready to mingle! Done with the past. Excited for what the future holds.” Since the split, Tom seems to be keeping fairly busy traveling between New York City and Toronto, as well as hosting many meet-ups with fans of the show. He has also been working hard in the gym and recently connected with 90 Day Fiancé alum, Jesse Meester, which you can check out HERE.

90 day fiancé tom and Jesse

Darcey has been traveling the world with her twin sister, Stacey, and has also been spotted filming. It is confirmed that Tom and Darcey will be starring on the next season of Before the 90 Days, which premieres February 23rd. Although the couple seems to have split up, we look forward to seeing how their story unfolds on 90 Day Fiancé. There is definitely more to the story than what is currently known. We will find out what happened between the two within the next couple of weeks.

90 day fiancé Darcey silva
Courtesy of Instagram: Darcey Silva

Benjamin & Akinyi: Engaged

The couple is still together but currently, live apart. Benjamin resides in Phoenix, AZ, while Akinyi is still in Kenya. Akinyi works as a graphic designer, meanwhile, Benjamin is working in customer service with an alternative energy company.

The couple hopes to soon be together in the US and currently are working on getting Akinyi’s visa completed. We hope they can be reunited soon! In the meantime, Akinyi has been keeping her followers updated through her Youtube channel. Check it out: Akinyi Obala

90 day fiancé ben and akinyi
Courtesy of Instagram: Benjamin Taylor

Caesar & Maria: Split

Caesar and Maria are not together, some may even say they never were an item. It was evident on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days tell-all that the couple was not a good match. Since appearing on the show, Caesar continues to work at the nail salon in Jacksonville. He has also been working on his fitness and shares this journey through Instagram. Check out his recent fitness photo:

90 day fiancé Caesar
Courtesy of Instagram: Caesar Mack

Maria has kept a relatively low profile after her time on the show ended. She became friends with 90 Day Fiance’s Jesse Meester. The pair even ended up spending some time together in Barcelona while Jesse was visiting. After hanging out with her new pal, Jesse, Maria wrote on her Instagram, “It was an amazing day, and I’m happy that I met you in real life. Thank you for talking to me, and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.” Fans of 90 Day Fiance were surprised by this sudden friendship, but it seems like the two have plans to reunite again.

90 day fiancé Maria
Courtesy of Instagram: Maria

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days season 4

Another season of Before the 90 Days is expected to premiere on February 23rd, 2020. TLC made the announcement in the wake of success from the last season. For a sneak peek clip of the new season, and to find out details of who the couples will be, TAP HERE.

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