Pillow Talk Star Alexei Brovarnik Is Officially a U.S. Citizen

Recent stars of Pillow Talk, Alexei and Loren Brovarnik, are having a huge year already. Earlier this month, they announced that they are expecting a baby boy, and now the 90 Day Fiancé stars shared more exciting news; Alexei is officially a U.S. citizen.

The couple made their 90 Day Fiancé debut on season 3 of the original series, followed by two seasons of Happily Ever After, What Now, and more recently, Pillow Talk.

Going back to the beginning of Loren & Alexei’s 90 Day Fiancé journey, the couple met while Loren was on her birthright trip to Israel, where Alexei was working as a medic at the time. Fast-forward a little and the two have built a wonderful life together in the United States. The pair currently resides in Florida and seems to be quite happy there.

Since their reality television debut, the married couple of four years has continued to keep followers and fans updated every step of the way. With being excited first time home buyers in 2018, then announcing their pregnancy in late 2019, and now Alexei has finally claimed his official U.S. citizenship in 2020, it sounds like every year has something wonderful in store for the couple.

Alexei is Officially a U.S. CITIZEN

On January 7th, Loren took to her Instagram to share the great news, “What a busy, yet exciting day!! Our full “90 Day Fiancé” process in its entirety has been completed!!” She then shared a video of her and Alexei with the caption, “After years of applications, waiting, hard work and patience, @alex_brovarnik got approved to be a US citizen!!! 2 weeks until his swearing ceremony!”

Just over two weeks later, Alexei shared on his Instagram that it was official. “Make way for a new U.S. citizen, thank you to everyone who supported and helped me get to this point.” The expecting parents shared photos of Alexei proudly raising the American flag and celebrating his big day. What an awesome moment for the new family!

Whats next for the Brovarnik’s?

The parents are expecting their first son in May and are unbelievably excited to meet him. They plan on keeping the name to themselves until he is born. Now that Alexei has obtained his citizenship, they are concentrating on preparations for the baby.

Loren admitted that her Tourettes has worsened during the pregnancy, most likely due to the stress and anxiety that comes with having your first child, but says she has been able to manage it all by utilizing breathing techniques, as well as having the constant support of her loving husband, Alexei.

Though 2020 has only just begun to unravel, the pair has already accomplished so much, so their focus will now lie solely on preparing to have their healthy baby boy.

Baby Bump Spotted at the Beach

The couple recently travelled to Mexico. They arrived on January 18th and stayed at the beautiful NIZUC Resort & Spa. From just looking at the pictures, you can see the resort looks amazing; white sand everywhere, unbelievably blue water, and a clean, modern vibe around the entire resort. The couple took many pictures, all of which show Loren proudly showing off her baby bump. The Brovarnik’s look happier than ever and we are so thrilled for them.

Courtesy of Alexei Brovarnik Instagram

We will continue to keep you updated on the pregnancy, as well as their journey, and wish the Brovarnik’s nothing but the best for the future.

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