Top Outrageous 90 Day Fiancé Moments

Top Outrageous 90 Day Fiancé Moments

Some register as awkward, others remain cringeworthy, and a few are definite knee slappers, but all of the following moments are reasons we love the show. So, in no particular order and without further ado, here are some of the best, most outrageous 90 Day Fiancé moments:

Family Fight Night

I think we all remember this episode. What started as a genuine attempt at a family dinner, quickly turned into a disastrous brawl. Initially, Pedro was simply upset over the fact that Chantel had told her family about the issues with his sister knowing they already had a distaste for her, and him. Pedro said, “You know what your family thinks about me, what your family thinks about my sister. It only put more, you know, put more fire on the situation.”

Chantel and Nicole then get into it at the table due to a previous misunderstanding that apparently still lingered. Between bites, they insult and shout at one another in Spanish, calling each other liars in an attempt to convince onlookers that what they speak is truth. Of course, the family Chantel has already made their decision on the matter and is quick to take sides, undoubtedly supporting Chantel.

Pedro appeared quite uncomfortable during the ordeal and seemed to be trying to make the best of a bad situation, until Nicole bypasses Chantel and snaps at Pedro, “Junior, please, calm Chantel Down.” Pedro remains silent while the sister-in-laws throw jabs. He then asks his wife to move over, so that he can be seated between the girls and hopefully end this nonsense. As soon as Pedro motions to get up, Chantel’s mom says, “No, she’s not going to, she’s going to sit there.” Pedro immediately begins to voice his displeasure, waving his finger at them, when River yells at Pedro. Pedro stands up, puffs his chest out and roars, “What did you say?” River mutters back, “shut-up” multiple times, rises from his chair and smacks the family’s light fixture above the table. Pedro then immediately began to make his way around the table to River.

Then, all hell breaks loose, some actual punches are thrown, and things get completely out of control, as if they weren’t already. The brawl doesn’t last long, nor seem to have caused any damage to the house, or the participants. Pedro gets the final word in, or kick, as he karate kicks food off the table on his way to the door. Chantel starts sobbing and remains in the home while her husband storms out. Welp, I guess dinner’s over…

Check out TLC UK’s entire video below:

Well, that escalated quickly. At least chicken feet wasn’t served for dinner, right? Anyways, although this event may be enough to tear most relationships apart, the pair has remained together and continue to build a life together. In the end, it seems that this outrageous evening of family combat is now water under the bridge. Check out more Chantel and Pedro updates, here.

-I Want My Sex-

Danielle and Mohamed have been fan favourites since debuting on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, which is entirely due to the outlandish moments associated with their relationship. Due to their rocky, bumpy, and apparently smelly story, the couple has endured a tonne of criticism along the way, but we’re not judging.

One of the highlights was when Mohamed claimed Danielle stunk on a 90 Day Tell All episode. As you can see in the video below, he initially attempts to keep the issue private, skirting around the question by simply stating that they have “started facing a problem.” Mohamed also painted a not so flattering picture of Danielle, claiming that because he wouldn’t have sex with her, she was “sitting on the floor, crying, screaming in front of her teenagers, I WANT MY SEX TONIGHT! If you don’t give me my sex tonight, I will call the immigration, I will get you deported.” Not a great image, but it gets worse..

This led to Danielle accusing Mohamed of telling people she stinks and pees on him. However, in the end it’s actually Danielle who brings up the smelly topic, not Mohamed, but he sure runs with it… Check out the video posted by TLC’s Youtube below:

Anyone else notice that the host, Shaun Robinson, who would normally be knee deep in their drama, decides to stay far away from this one? Even she couldn’t handle it.

The couple is no longer together, which is probably in the best interest of everyone involved, yet Danielle has oddly decided to keep his last name. She claims that the fact she still shares his last name has nothing to do with him, and that she does not wish to ever be with him again. No matter, we wish them both all the best.


Shortly after Anfisa arrived in America, Jorge was running out of money and had to explain to his future bride that he really wasn’t a millionaire, and actually had accumulated some debt in his name. She initially states that she’s just with him for his money, but she’s still with him today, so obviously the love they share is real. Anfisa is even waiting for Jorge to be released from his prison sentence (for more details, tap here).

Upon heading to their green card interview, Anfisa loses it on Jorge, yelling at him to get her makeup bag and throwing keys on the parkade floor for him to retrieve. Check out the video here:

This is definitely a fan favourite moment. Bring me my RED BAG WITH MY MAKEUP.

-Sexual Healing-

During one of the episodes, Mike and Aziza search for a suitable venue to host their big day. Afterwards, once they’ve returned home, Mike admits concernedly, “90 days is flyin’ by and our sex life is still at a standstill.” He seems quite bothered that they have yet to engage in the act, but his wife to be couldn’t be more hesitant to seal the deal. The following conversation, or airing of dirty laundry, ironically occurs during the most awkward folding of clean clothes in the history of reality television.

Mike reveals to the camera just how he feels by stating, “its kind of strange that, you know, we haven’t slept together yet and we’re about to get married.” He later inches towards discussing the topic by saying how they’ve been in love for over a year and insinuating that they should have had sex by now. Aziza replies awkwardly, “I think we need to wait with sex.” She seems extremely uncomfortable having this conversation in front of the camera, not to mention the millions of people that watch the show, and keeps her head down in an effort to avoid eye contact with anyone. Mike couldn’t have given her more than a couple seconds before immediately blurting out, “we were supposed to do it when you first got here.” She shoots him a look that anyone can interpret, which implies for him to quit pestering her about having sex with him, especially in front of the camera.

Aziza later explains that she simply doesn’t feel comfortable sharing herself with him quite yet, as they haven’t had enough time to get to know each other. She ends by saying, “when it happens, it happens.”

Heres a short video capturing the bizarre ordeal:

Aziza and Mike are still together and now have a child together. Looks like Mike finally convinced her to do the deed after all. Regardless of the age gap, we hope they are happier than ever and that something like that doesn’t get in the way of true love.

-Go Do Some Workouts, Honey-

We think everyone would agree that Nicole and Azan are entertaining to watch. Their story has been a rocky one, but certainly provided laughs, and gasps, in a plentiful fashion.

In this instance, the couple is enjoying a romantic getaway in the desert when the couple is instructed to walk up a hill of sand to where the camels are located. It immediately becomes clear that Nicole is struggling to climb in the hot sand (as most people would be). Thats when Azan shows his true colours.

Azan tells Nicole that she should “stop being lazy and go to do some workouts, honey,” while she clearly struggles up a mountain of sand. During this romantic trek up a sandy hill in the desert, he proceeds to encourage her by saying, “come on, lazy.” Nicole responds by saying, “I don’t exercise, okay, this is not a thing for me.” She breathes heavily while slowly ascending another few feet, then Azan says, “almost there, lazy.” He continues to pester her about her fitness until they finally approached the camels.

Watch the video here:

Nicole later admitted that when he treats her like this, it makes her thinks she’s not good enough. How horrible! Fit or not, Azan shouldn’t have been so rude to her. He says he wants her to be healthier, but when he acts like this it just makes us think he doesn’t like her appearance. If his wish is truly for her to be healthy, there are different ways of approaching the subject, however, this was certainly not it.

Nicole has traveled to Morocco to see Azan multiple times, and every time it was clear that the two cultures clashed on many levels. Aside from their opposing fitness regimens, one example of this polarity occurred when Nicole demanded Azan hug her in public, not understanding that public displays of affection are seen and tolerated much differently in Morocco than elsewhere in the world. It seems she just wants to be loved and didn’t yet understand his culture.

Check it out below:

Today, the couple claim to be “stronger than ever.” Nicole admits that it isn’t easy to maintain the long distance relationship, but hey, what relationship doesn’t have its bumps along the road. Hopefully the couple can continue to make things work from afar and overcome the challenges that they have already, and continue to face.

-Wine, Steak and Drama-

Anyone who watched this season will remember these two. Jesse, a personal trainer, is very particular about his body and what he puts in it, this includes not overindulging when drinking alcohol. Darcey, on the other hand, likes to drink wine and enjoy herself, and why not, she’s a successful woman and an independent mom, however, when her drinking comes into question with her relationship with Jesse, she does not respond well. During this episode, we catch a glimpse of how she reacts to being called out on her drinking.

The couple attempt to enjoy a romantic night at home, yet it’s quite clear that Darcey is already somewhat inebriated. Jesse sits down with her in an attempt to have a conversation, at which point Darcey raises her arm to give him a high five. Eventually, Jesse reluctantly awards her with the embrace and they clap hands. After some small talk turns into snappy comments, Jesse asks her, “what is with your attitude?” Darcey isn’t having any of it and intends on being argumentative. She snaps, “you’re not my boss, you can’t tell me what to do.” He calmly responds, “relax, alright?” Jesse then proceeds to ask her if she’s “had a glass of wine,” which we can already tell is obviously true and know to be a touchy subject between the two.

Though the video below clearly shows signs of some serious underlying issues, some of which that ultimately end their relationship, this particular clip is actually one of the more calm drunken arguments on record. Is Jesse being too controlling, or is Darcey overly drunk? You be the judge. Check out TLC’s video clip below:

Much later, when Jesse visits Darcey in the US, the couple has an argument that will surely go down in 90 Day history as one of the most iconic. The steak cutting incident.


This will be the first time Darcey’s girls will be joining them for dinner, so the mood is high and the menu calls for something delicious, steak. Yum. Jesse begins to cut into the juicy beef when Darcey suggests that he is cutting the meat in the wrong manner. She declares, “I’ve worked in restaurants, so.” Jesse throws down the knife, announces that “he’s done,” and walks away. Seems like the first supper isn’t going very well for these two.

The next morning, tension was clearly still in the air and eventually, shoes would be flying and Jesse would even threaten to call the police.

Check out the video here:

The whole situation should have been handled much differently, and we know the two ultimately split, but it just goes to show, you should never mess with someone’s steak.

-Mark Buys Nikki A New, Old Car-

Mark and Nikki are considered to be one of the more uncommon, but also interesting couples to appear on the show, quite frankly because of the large age gap. Marks antics regarding window touching, or insisting on the lack thereof, was quite an entertaining moment, to say the least. Mark also seems to talk about his ex-wife openly and often to Nikki, which would make most people uncomfortable, but Nikki shrugs it off. They openly speak of intimate moments, leaving viewers uncomfortable, but also entertained by the odd couple.

Many fans cringe over their relationship, but Nikki doesn’t seem to be bothered by the age of her husband to be, who certainly seems quite happy to be with a much, much younger woman. Though age does not seem to be an issue for the couple, it seems that they are not without their problems.

Here’s one of those moments where he speaks of his ex when he should probably be concentrating on Nikki. Mark attempts to cure his homesick stricken wife to be by buying her a shiny new red convertible. Who wouldn’t love that, right? Before she even has the chance to thank him, Mark blurts out that he had bought the same car for his ex wife. He continues to mention how soon after the purchase of the car, his then wife, became pregnant. Nikki looks visibly upset by this, but again, shrugs it off.

Those that are close to the couple report that they are still together and going strong. Good for them! Whatever makes them happy. All the best to Mark and Nikki.

-Poop Water, Condoms & Proposals-

These two, but mostly Paul, are credited for many of the most outrageous moments to grace the popular show. It’s fair to say that he has done some questionable things during his time on 90 Day Fiancé. Whether it be running aimlessly through the jungles of Brazil, sporting a bulletproof vest while strolling in the streets of Karine’s hometown, or slipping on a condom to swim and then proceed to awkwardly splash and struggle in shoulder deep water, which he later dubs, “Poop. Poop water.” Nevertheless, he’s a quirky, interesting guy, who has brought a ton of laughter and enjoyment to the show.

Here you will witness Paul ask Karine’s father to take her to a hotel for the night. Her father is visibly upset by this, shakes his head and responds, “Here in Brazil, a motel is only for sexual encounters.” Paul’s awkward smile remains as he struggles to explain that there will be no sex via his translator app. Check it out:

Hey, Can I Take Your Daughter To A Hotel?

Such an awkward situation for everyone, but it could have gone worse, right?

Next you will see the epic instance Paul goes swimming, but before getting in the water, Paul decided it would be a good idea to slip on a condom so that nothing would be invited to “swim up his penis.” Once the protections is situated, he slips on his life jacket and finally gets in the shoulder height water, which he called, “poop water.” Although he is equipped with a lifejacket and Karine seems to be able to stand on the bottom, Paul splashes around like a struggling toddler. We love Paul, but this was hilarious to watch:

Ever Seen Someone Wear A Condom To Swim? Now You Have.

Another crazy moment occurred when Paul revealed to Karine that he had previously been in trouble with the law for arson and his ex girlfriend filed a restraining order against him. Apparently, he burnt his house down for the insurance money and seven years later, it caught up with him. He explains his criminal past using the translator app and then seems to have a moment of clarity, wherein he grabs his phone from Karine, apologizes to her, and then walks away from her. He later explains, “she doesn’t deserve damaged goods, it’s not fair to her.” Paul eventually disappears into the jungle in an attempt to clear his head.

Watch the video here:

Paul Reveals Criminal Past

And then there was the time Paul made that obscene finger gesture to Karine’s father. Though he was asking for her hand in marriage, it came across as a sexual gesture. Come on, Paul, he guy may not speak English, but that means the same thing in any language…

Photo courtesy of 90 Day Fiancé Reddit group

Still together and now a family of three, Paul and Karine have blessed us with some entertaining television, for this, we are grateful.

-Closet Cleaning-

Jonathan invites his bride to be, Fernanda, to his home in the US. While there, she discovers female underwear in one of his guest room drawers. She raises the panties in the air and asks him to explain who’s they are. The look of panic on his face while attempting to explain this to her made for some awkward, but great TV.

With Fernanda coming from Mexico to supposedly plan their wedding, one would think he would have cleaned up. Luckily, cleaning out his closet didn’t occur to Jonathan and we got to watch the ordeal unfold in front of our eyes. Poor guy.

Soon after, Fernanda met up with one of Jonathans friends, where she was able to vent her feelings and concerns about the whole situation. Check it out below:

Which was your favourite moment? Leave a comment below.

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