90 Day Fiancé Jasmin Lahtinen Reveals Relationship Status, Baby Plans, and Defends Show Portrayal

Get to Know 90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmin and Blake

Jasmin (27, Finland) stars on the latest season TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé with her partner Blake (29, Los Angeles). The couple initially met online through a dating app where they hit it off right away. Soon after building a connection online, Blake travelled to Finland to meet his soon-to-be fiancé in person for the first time.

Their first real meeting was clearly a success, as the pair were soon engaged. Promptly after the engagement, Jasmin applied for the K-1 visa which led her to move to Los Angeles to be with her fiancé, Blake.

Courtesy of Jasmin Lahtinen’s Instagram

Fans of the show have expressed some concern for the sincerity of Blake and Jasmin’s relationship after learning that Jasmin’s sister, Janet, was already living just minutes way from Blake’s place in Los Angeles prior to the couple meeting. The drama between the two exists due to the uncertainty regarding their relationship, as well as Jasmin’s adjustment to this new life in the US with Blake and his family.

Meet 90 Day Fiancé Blake and Jasmin:

The couple attended TLC’s season 7 premiere party in Los Angeles, where they participated in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Online (ET). Interviewer Lauren Zima asked them many personal questions to help fans get to know the couple. Check out the interview below:

Entertainment Online (ET)

The couple was shown holding hands while being filmed and Jasmin was proudly wearing her engagement ring during the interview. When Interviewer Lauren Zima asked the couple if they were married, they responded: “You’ll have to watch the show and see.”


As of today, the couple is still together and going strong. They continue to post loving pictures and videos together on their social media throughout their season of the show. 90 Day Fiancé star, Jasmin, also recently confirmed the status of her relationship through an Instagram Q&A when a fan asked, “How are you and Blake?” Jasmin responded with a photo, “We are great ❤️.” Another fan asked, “Do you and Blake plan on having children?” Jasmin wrote back, “Yes ☺️.”

Courtesy of Jasmin Lahtinen’s Instagram

She opened up to her followers and explained the reasoning behind why she decided to leave Finland to move to the USA, reporting that it was due to Blake’s career, and that they hope to move back to Finland someday.

90 Day Fiance Jasmin Defends Her Portrayal on the Show

Viewers of the show shared their personal opinions and impressions of Jasmin over social media. A few comments made towards the reality star include, “She really does have a gorgeous smile.. Wish she’d show it more!”. Another viewer commented, “She seems miserable and definitely doesn’t act like she likes him.”

Jasmin had the chance to respond to how they portrayed her on the show through her Instagram Q&A when someone asked, “are you happy with your portrayal on the show? What would you change?” Jasmin replied, “Honestly I’m really disappointed [with] how I’m portrayed on the show.”

Another follower said, “You come off rude, demanding… Im hoping thats how the show portrays you.” Jasmin responded, “Yes that’s my role in the show.. Not real life.”

It seems like Jasmin is claiming that the show is portraying a different version of who she really is. Obviously this is a TV show and editing is implemented to promote a storyline, viewers, and great ratings, however, Jasmin seems to disagree with the manner in which her character has been broadcasted thus far. Season 7 is not yet over, as it is only on episode 9, so there are more episodes to come. Perhaps we will see a more authentic version of these two in the coming episodes.

Be sure to continue watching TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé to find out how Blake and Jasmin’s story unfolds.

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