90 Day Fiancé Emily Defends Sasha: “He’s NOT a serial impregnator.”

Emily (Oregon) and Sasha (Russia) star on the current season (7) of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. Their segment on the show focuses on Sasha adjusting to his new life in America, where he and his fiancé, Emily, are raising their son, David. It’s been quite an adjustment for Sasha, but the couple seems to be moving forward through their differences.

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Fans of the show learnt that Sasha has previously been married twice, and has two other sons with each of his ex-wives back in Russia. This raised some concern with Emily’s family, and has been one of the main focuses of the couples drama on 90 Day Fiancé.

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After learning more about Sasha’s relationship history, viewers of the show have shown some concern regarding their relationship, even going as far as to say that Sasha will end up leaving Emily for another woman in the future. In the following video, posted by TLC’s Youtube, Sasha explains why he divorced his first two wives before meeting Emily:

Courtesy of TLC’s Youtube

Emily took to her Instagram through a public Q&A session on January 1st to defend any misconceptions about their relationship, and to express her side of things.

Emily Claims Sasha’s Ex-wife Begged him For a Baby

Emily started off her defence by writing, “Okay, so this is the last time I’m speaking on this. I 100% believe Sasha and his mom when he says Masha [Sasha’s ex-wife] begged him for a baby. He was 22 and she was 24. In his district, you are seen as an old maid if you aren’t married with children by 25. He’s NOT a serial impregnator.”

She explained to fans that she only talks to Sasha’s ex-wives to “make sure that Western Union deposited the money in their accounts and to ask about clothing sizes,” even though Emily claims that the ex-wives do not consider Emily and Sasha’s son to be a brother to their sons.

Emily continued on her Instagram reporting, “Sasha and his second ex separated mutually. She didn’t like that he left his “white salary” working at a Russian prison. He wanted to pursue fitness because it’s what he loved. Of course, I understood when he told me working in a Russian prison was physically/mentally exhausting.”

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90 DAY FIANCE Emily Denies Sasha Cheating on His Ex’s

Emily wrote, “Sasha and I’s relationship went beyond hi and bye in the Fall of ’16. She also found someone else. She can’t confirm he cheated with me because he DIDN’T. He was also able to see his son then. When it appeared that I wasn’t going anywhere, she would find every excuse to keep his son from him during the time he was supposed to see him.”


“The final knife in my heart was after 3 years of Sasha and I being together, she agreed to let her son meet David. She backed out of that too and basically told us they aren’t brothers. She told us he didn’t want to meet him. I don’t know if they ever will. Custody laws in Russia favour the mother 100%.”

Emily continued, “Also, custody on long holidays is a custody arrangement a lot of fathers in the USA get. My son will always have a connection with Russia! I’d love for him to experience a Russian summer at the Doha with his grandparents! We will always come back!!”

Emily and Sasha are still together and raise their son, David, in the United States. Emily revealed that they are no longer living with her sister and that baby David is doing well. They are teaching him both English and Russian. When a fan asked Emily, “Are you working on baby #2?” Emily responded, “Hahaha, no! I want to have a house where my kids could run around and play first.”

As for Sasha, he recently took part in an Instagram Q&A with fans. One fan asked, “What made you fall in love with Emily? She is such a beautiful and wonderful person,” Sasha responded, “She is really nice and kind. She respects me and supports me.” He shared that his goal is to one day own a gym where he can train people. Sasha often shares photos of his two other sons who are back in Russia, where he shows their accomplishments in sports such as soccer and judo. He seems to be quite proud of all of his children.

Although the couple seems to be happy and strong at the moment, be sure to continue watch their story on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé to see how their drama and relationship unfolds.

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