(New Season) Sneak Peek of 90 Day Fiancé ‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 4 Couples

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4

Another season of Before the 90 Days is expected to premiere on February 23rd, 2020. TLC made the announcement in the wake of success from the last season of Before the 90 Days, which included Darcey & Tom, Tim & Jennifer, Rebecca & Zied, Benjamin & Akinyi, Avery & Omar, Caesar & Maria and Michael & Angela.

The new season will include seven couples in its entirety. Below, you will find a brief write-up under each pair, containing a little information about the new cast members. However, Before the 90 Days: Season 4 will not only have new couples making their debut, viewers will also see some familiar faces coming back for more. TLC and ET recently released exclusive information about the upcoming couples. Check out what has been uncovered so far:

Meet the couples

Stephanie (29, Yonkers, NY) and Erika (24, Australia)

Stephanie is a social media influencer that hails from Yonkers. She has been keeping a secret regarding her sexuality from her family and is unsure of how to tell them. Although her uncertainty is currently prohibiting her from being honest with family, she has zero confusion about following her heart, all the way to Australia to meet Erika, a photographer who is five years younger.

Ed (54, California) and Rosemarie (23, Philippines)

After being single for almost 30 years, “Big Ed,” who is actually under 5 feet tall, met the love of his life through social media. Rosemarie, who is 31 years younger than Ed, currently resides in the Philippines. There has been some unanswered questions surrounding her past, but I’m sure we will find out more soon enough.

Lisa (52, York, Pennsylvania) and Usman (30, Nigeria)

Lisa developed feelings for a younger, Nigerian man, better known as “SojaBoy.” Although she didn’t realize he was actually quite famous in his home country, she would soon understand this, as many women hit on him via social media. Lisa has shown to be quite jealous in light of this, however, “SojaBoy” feels that it’s nothing to worry about, as they are not yet married. Despite this, Lisa will be travelling to Nigeria in an effort to gain the approval of his family and friends and will hopefully marry the man she will be meeting for the very first time.

Geoffrey (41, Tennesse) and Varya (30, Russia)

Geoffrey is certainly no stranger to heartache. He has endured the devastating and tragic loss of his son, as well as two divorces. Yet, despite all this, he still yearns for love, and an international dating site may be the vessel in which he found it, in Russia. Even with their cultural differences, Varya and Geoffrey have become quite close and share a common bond in seeking adventure. Geoffrey will be traveling to Russia to propose to Varya, but will first have to go through the obstacle that is her family.

Darcey (45, Conneticut) and Tom (39, United Kingdom)

They’re back! Darcey and Tom will be starring in another season together, apparently trying to make things work. In the previous season, after communicating online for years, she flew to London to meet him for the first time. They seemed to have great chemistry, however, this fondness for one another was often overshadowed by uncertainty, tears and drama. Whether they are able to make things work, or not, we are excited to watch this unfold.

On the last season of Before the 90 Days, Darcey and Tom left off on rocky terms. Check out TLC‘s video of one of their last scenes from the previous season:

Courtesy of TLC’s Youtube

David (60, Las Vegas) and Lana (27, Ukraine)

David, a computer programmer from Las Vegas, has had very bad luck in the relationship department. He made a profile for a Ukrainian dating website and to his delight, fell in love with a woman named Lana. He says he loves her, but does she love him? David has already been to the Ukraine three times to meet her, and has been stood up in all instances. He claims to have spent roughly $100,000 on their relationship already and surely seems to be invested, both financially and emotionally. Is the fourth time the charm? We hope it is. We will have to see.

Avery (32, Seattle) and Ash (38, Australia)

Avery, a mother of two from Seattle, has fallen for Ash, a relationship coach from Australia. They connected on Instagram, but this physical attraction soon turned into love and they’re now ready to meet in person. Though Ash’s work has led to many disagreements already, they hope to work through their issues and understand each other a little more. We will see if the thought of children will be too much for Ash, or if he can coach his way into a stable and loving relationship with Avery.

TLC posted a sneak peek of the new season. Check it out below!

Which couple are you looking forward to watching the most? Leave a comment below! Be sure to check out our other 90 Day Fiancé updates.

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