90 Day Fiance Star, Evelin, Responds to Cheating Accusations

Those of you that watch TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, will know who Laura and Evelin are. The two became close friends after Laura and Aladin split, as covered by E news. Laura, who is originally from Canada, moved to Ecuador soon after the split, which is where Evelin resides. The pair remained close, spending much of their time having fun and showing off their experiences together via Instagram over the past few months.

90 DAY FIANCE EVELIN and laura: broken friendship

Well, it looks like this friendship has turned sour. Laura, apparently tired of the infidelity and deceit, took to Instagram in an effort to share her perspective of what Evelin has really been up to. She posted pictures of Evelin with another man (named Rickie) with the caption, “Sweet love when you cheat on your husband!” With these photos, Laura claims that Evelin and Rickie are dating, and also announced that Evelin and Corey are married. As you can see in the pictures, Evelin does seem quite cozy with this Rickie fellow, but who knows what’s really going on here. Swipe through the following Instagram post to see for yourself:

Laura deleted the posts only a few hours after posting them for all to see. Evelin took a few days to respond, but certainly wasn’t shy about sharing her side of the story. On Friday morning she posted a photo of her and Corey enjoying their time pool-side in Ecuador. She also added her side of the drama to her own Instagram, stating:

Courtesy of Evelin’s Instagram

90 Day FiancE Evelin Shares her side

“I told you that she was trying to break me and Corey apart creating stories about both of us, she also told me he was with a girl.”

“It’s false what she says about me and what she says about Corey, those photos were taken by his only now friend because he convinced to do it because it was a bet and a joke.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a girl having male friends, most of my friends are male because most of them are surfers and for some reason I get along better with them and I don’t have jealousy issues that girls have with me.”


Evelin’s side continued

“Laura how sad is it that you have spent your Christmas trying to ruin somebody else’s life, I was the only person who could help you. The only one!”

“Laura and her new friend that are both drunk and high every single day. I’ve seen Laura buy bottles and drink it all in a day so what I’m saying is her idea of reality is not right. There’s reality and there is whatever happens in her brain.”

“Was our story fake? Never! Corey and I are a real couple for more than 5 years now and we never got married before. Are we married now? You will have to watch the show to actually know.”

“I’m gonna start legal process against Laura because in Ecuador you cannot just go online and try to destroy someone, if she wants to live in Ecuador she needs to learn to live by the rules.”

“Does Raul have a girlfriend, ask him. He has always been a player and he has so many girls because he is handsome as far as I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend and me and him were never a couple. He was just a fling before I met Corey and he has been a friend during all these years. He expressed his feelings in the tell all and we all saw that, does he feel different now? I hope.”

“This is all I’m going to say, once again she is making fake stories. Ill sit down and watch how she ends up with nobody at the end. You know my character and you know hers, I’m giving you the most I can give and I probably am going to be in big trouble. It’s so hard to not be able to say everything because of contract, it’s so hard for people to be judging, and also it’s hard to have believe this people and see that their only purpose in life is to make mine hell.


Laura has not yet responded to Evelin’s retortion of her accusations. It seems like Evelin and Corey are still on good terms and were able to move past the drama. It seems like we will be seeing more of Evelin and Corey on the next season of 90 day Fiancé: The Other Way, especially since Evelin announced to viewers that they will have to, “watch the show to actually know” what will happen. Although TLC has yet to confirm that the couple will be appearing on the show again, Evelin is making it seem as if they will be making an appearance. We will be sure to keep you all updated.

90 Day Fiancé Corey has been moving forward through all of this drama since he and Evelin’s season ended. Check out Corey’s exclusive interview with Access Online, where he futher explains details about he and Evelin’s relationship:

What are your thoughts on this drama? Team Evelin or Team Laura?

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