Ricky Reyes starred on Before the 90 Days season 2, where viewers saw his relationship with Ximena end during the 90 Day Fiance tell-all finale. Since then, the ex-couple has remained apart. Ximena is still living in Colombia, while Ricky resides in the United States where he has two daughters. If you follow Ricky on Instagram or Youtube, you will know that he has been proudly documenting his fitness journey. His healthy lifestyle and transformation seems to have brought out his confidence. Perhaps this new found confidence has lead him to give love another chance. This time, in Novosibirsk Russia. The couple met online over a year ago, and they’ve finally planned the next step to meet in person. (Check out his fitness transformation below)


Ricky first shared the news about his new girlfriend by posting a photo of his Russian beauty with the caption:

“I need to do this early because some people’s stupidity and spitefulness will get in my way. My intent was to show us together in Russia. However, an adjustment must be made. We have been talking recently again, rekindled a connection, have spoken previously before about a year ago, but we both had major differences. We‘ve had many discussions as of late, and spoke about fears and anxieties that we both have. Communication is vital and was very open with her (about everything), and she understands that it will take time and work to work this out.”

“Is this trip for marriage? Fiancé? Proposal… I can’t confidently say, it is to simply determine if we have chemistry and if we both can see any red flags, and talk about it. I tried my best efforts to be transparent about all my stupidity, and she is willing to accept it. She is willing even after discussing my many mistakes to give this an honest effort. Please understand, this is not that WWE show 90 Day Fiance, this is reality. We WILL take our time.”

Will Ricky return to 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days?

Ricky makes it quite clear that he is not interested in broadcasting his new relationship for television entertainment purposes. He has no interest in returning to the 90 Day Fiance series. This time, he wants to take things slow and see if this is the real deal that he’s been waiting for. Ricky seems confident and ready to give love another chance, but of course there is some uncertainty due to the new couple having never met before. He recently posted to his Instagram: “Soon… My mind is all over the place. Can’t believe this is happening. Hope she shows up to see me and ultimately hope it’s really her.” He will be travelling to Novosibirsk Russia this week to meet his new found love for the first time.

Responding to his critics

After publicly revealing his travel plans with his followers, Ricky mostly received support and excitement. There were also a few doubters and critics. Ricky recently posted another update (below), responding to those people. He also shares his opinions about the TLC network:

“T- Minus 56 Hours before first flight. Packing souvenirs and a small box. As I get closer to departure, I am getting weird posts and messages. For her protection, I took her pictures down. My job is to protect this. No games on this one. Giving it 110%, and will continue calling out the small percentage of cockroaches who wish nothing but turmoil. TLC is NOT involved nor will I ever involve that manipulative, culturally demeaning, exploitative and contriving network. Some cast members are still willing to be embarrassed and subject themselves to self denigration just for a taste of fame, popularity on the expense of ones family and reputation. The entire premise of this show in lament term is to show how stupid someone can be to fall in love with someone in a different country, however this is the marketing ploy that TLC is trying sell (very successful I might add), and they are selling like hot cakes.


Reality however, dictates that this TLC formula is simply not true, the formula ? He or she wants you for money, green card, and for opportunity, that love simply does not exist. Only a very few cast members with successful relationships stay on the show, as long as the serve a bit of controversy and drama. It truly is a entertaining show with the truth intertwined with the magic of editing . Am I even going to put a dent on TLC and Sharp, no, they have all the stones ( avengers reference) and if people love WWE with the notion that they know it’s fake, then 90 Day Fiance ain’t going nowhere. So…. for those thinking I am trying to be on that show, I will tell you very clearly , f*** TLC. This is on my own accord and this international relationship is protected from its manipulation.”

Ricky will be travelling to meet his girlfriend (or soon to be fiancé) within the next 24 hours. We wish him safe travels on his journey to Russia. We will continue to keep you all updated on this exciting chapter of his life.

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