Jesse Meester starred on Before the 90 Days seasons 1 and 2. During his time on the show, he was dating Darcey Silva. Viewers of the show will know that the couple did not last and had quite a dramatic break-up. Between explosive social media fights, and even the drama we saw near the end of their final season together, it is clear that they weren’t a great match. It seems like the ex-couple have both moved on and went their separate ways.

Since being on the show, Jesse has been working hard as an entrepreneur with his personal fitness and mental coaching business, “MeesterPT.” He also has a podcast, as well as an online shop where he sells quality custom jewelry pieces and more. Aside from Jesse’s entrepreneurial work, he recently announced through his Instagram that he officially graduated from his four year bachelors degree in psychology. What a huge accomplishment!

Things seem to have been going great for the 90 Day Fiancé alumni, until recently, when the star was robbed of his valuables while travelling in Spain this past weekend. He has been travelling around the world, but has been spending some time in Barcelona recently, where he has been filming for a show (to be announced…What do you think it is? Our guess is the Bachelorette but no confirmation as of yet).

On Sunday morning of November 17th, Jesse took it to Instagram to announce that he’s been robbed. “Bag stolen. Passport stolen. Wallet stolen. $60K in watches stolen @meestersore …. How? All over me getting a damn coffee for the team in #Starbucksbarcelona …. I literally look away for one second and my backpack is gone from the chair. Nobody saw anything. Still can’t believe it happened. But hey, it’s just possessions, right?”

Jesse reflected on the unfortunate, and scary, occurrence by writing, “Moments like this make me humble AF. To be honest I’m really sad right now because I worked hard for this stuff. When @bobmarley was asked ‘are you a rich man, do you have a lot of posessions?’ He replied: I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life. And it’s really so true… the experiences of traveling are ultimately what matters, not a damn bag or watch. Time to breath and relax….”

The bag stolen was his Louis Vuitton travel bag, and one of his watches which was taken was valued $43,000. Later that day, Jesse showed a video of himself at the Barcelona police station. He seemed stressed out, as anyone would be in that situation, but let his followers know that everything is okay and thanked everyone for their concern. It seems like Jesse did not get his belongings back.

After visiting the police station he posted, “Reading all your comments now in the spa and I’m shocked by how many of you were robbed in Barcelona. Some people on the first day they were here! … The police told us it’s a professional pick pocket ‘gang’ and it’s happens the whole day long. Police station was full.” Check out his Instagram story below:

Courtesy of Jesse Meester Instagram

After the incident, Jesse commented, “Heading to embassy right now for the passport. Need it for my trip to NYC asap. Thank you all for your kind messages.” It seems like he has the situation under control and is moving forward the best and most positive way that he can. We will continue to keep you all updated and we hope that he is able to travel safely from here on out.

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