Jorge & Anfisa: Married

Jorge (California) and Anfisa (Russia) are still married. Jorge is serving a two & a half year prison sentence for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in his car. Anfisa is living in California, where she’s kept busy attending business school and has taken an interest in fitness. She awaits his release from prison.

Nicole & Azan: Engaged

Nicole (Florida) & Azan (Morocco) are engaged. As seen on the show, the couple decided to put their wedding plans on hold and are living separately, for now. Azan currently lives in Morocco, while Nicole is in Florida with her daughter, May, who just started Kindergarten!

Narkyia & Olulowo: Married

Narkyia (Pennsylvania) and Olulowo (Nigeria) are still married. They are both living in the United States together. Back in March, Narkyia had vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery (VSG) in Mexico. Since then, she’s lost 80 pounds, feels healthy and looks great! The couple seems happy and drama-free.

Matt & Alla: Married

Matt (Kentucky) and Alla (Ukraine) are married. The couple, as well as Alla’s son, reside in Cincinnati. Since being on the show, Alla’s sister, Iryna, also moved to the USA. The sisters opened a lash & brow studio business together and are doing well.

Chantel & Pedro: Married

Chantel (Georgia) and Pedro (Dominican Republic) are still married and living in Atlanta. The couple had their own spin-off show, “The Family Chantel.” The couple keeps their relationship quite private over social media. Chantel is finishing up her last semester of nursing school. Viva la Chan-dro!

Season 5

Elizabeth & Andrei: Married

Elizabeth (Florida) and Andrei (Moldova) are still married and living in Florida. They welcomed their first child, Eleanor Louise, on January 23, 2019. They’ve been on the latest season of TLC’s Pillow Talk and we have a feeling we will be seeing them on another season of TLC’s Happily Ever After. No confirmation yet, just a feeling that we hope is true!

Evelyn & David: Married

Evelyn (Claremont) and David (Spain) are married and just recently moved to Los Angeles, where Evelyn is furthering and pursuing her music career. She was on the last season of American Idol, where she placed in the top 14. Check out our other article about Evelyn’s American Idol journey, here.

Molly & Luis: Divorced

After 6 months of being married, Molly (Georgia) and Luis (Dominican Republic) decided to split. A few months after their divorce, Luis re-married and is now living in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Molly has been keeping busy with her best friend, Cynthia, with their lingerie business, LiviRae Lingerie. The best friend duo is doing amazing and is also on the newest season of TLC’s Pillow talk.

David & Annie: Married

David (Kentucky) and Annie (Thailand) are still married, and recently celebrated their two year anniversary together. The couple has come a long way since appearing on the show. David had been working as a teacher, they are on TLC’s Pillow Talk, and they are one of the top reality TV stars on Cameo (check out their cameo profile) . They recently moved to Arizona, where they’ve been hosting many fun meet & greets in the area!

Josh & Aika: Married

Josh (Arizona) and Aika (Phillippines) are still married. Although they have no children, yet, (if you watched their season, this was part of their story line), the couple seems to be enjoying life together and keeping busy travelling. They also started a YouTube channel called “Josh and Aika Adventures,” where you can follow their journey.

Season 6

Ashley & Jay: Seperated

Ashley (Pennsylvania) and Jay (Jamaica) are separated. Since the split, Jay spent a few weeks detained with ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) before being released. He now resides in Pennsylvania, has been dating others, and works at a tattoo shop. Ashley seems to have been quite busy travelling. She recently went on vacation with Before the 90 Days star, Cortney, and their friends from the TV show, “Bachelors in Paradise”. Ashley is waiting for Jay to sign the divorce papers.

Colt & Larissa: Divorced

Colt (Nevada) and Larissa (Brazil) are divorced. Although the ex-couple is not together, they both still live in Las Vegas. Since the separation, Colt & his mother, Debbie, have been on TLC’s Pillow Talk. Both Larissa & Colt have been dating others. Larissa has quite a new look, as she has undergone cosmetic enhancements and is working on her fitness. She looks great. She previously announced that she hopes to bring her kids to the USA one day. The ex-couple seems to be civil (now) and announced that there is no chance of them ever getting back together.

Jonathan & Fernanda: Divorced

Jonathan (North Carolina) and Fernanda (Mexico) are now divorced. Jonathan continued his work as a real estate agent and is in a new relationship. Fernanda moved to Chicago, where she’s seemingly pursuing a career in modelling. She hinted on one of her recent Instagram posts that she has also been dating. Although the couples break up was pretty dramatic, they seem content and have both moved on with their lives.

Kalani & Asuelu: Married

Kalani (California) and Asuelu (Samoa) are still happily married. They welcomed their second son, Kennedy, this past May. Kalani, Asuelu, and sister Kolini were also on the latest season of Pillow Talk.

Eric & Leida: Married

Eric (Wisconsin) and Leida (Indonesia) are still married. They still reside in Wisconsin and keep to themselves for the most part, since being on the show. The couple has a website where they sell art and custom shoes at http://www.longlivecohenrosen.com

Steven & Olga: Married

Steven (Maryland) and Olga (Russia) are still married. They tied the knot in a private courthouse ceremony this past August. The couple and their son, Richie Alexander, are living in Maryland. We’re big fans of the couple and hope to see them on a future season!



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