Brothers Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers are starring in the new season of Pillow Talk, which premiered on September 15th. The brothers made their debut in the second season of Before the 90 Days, where Tarik and Dean travelled to the Philippines to meet Hazel for the first time. Initially, Dean was quite skeptical of Tarik’s relationship with Hazel, which created some tension between the brothers and thus, made for some pretty entertaining television.

The show was filmed in late 2017 and things have since changed for the better. Tarik and Hazel are still very happily together and Dean has a great relationship with her. Dean calls Hazel his sister now and is completely supportive of her and Tarik’s relationship.

It seems like Dean has followed in his brothers footsteps by seeking true love in the Philippines, where he now lives with his girlfriend, Rigin. The couple met online through Filipino Cupid and they have been happily living in Cebu, Philippines, together. When Deans relationship with Rigin was publicized on social media, most fans were very happy for them, however, some were dumbfounded that he would go down the same road he gave Tarik so much grief about previously. Nevertheless, Dean and Rigin seem like they’re in love and are enjoying their new life together. Check out Deans response on Instagram below:

We’re very happy for Dean and Rigin. We were honoured to have the couple participate in an exclusive video Q & A session with us. Before we get to know more about their relationship, Dean clears the air about why he did not fully accept Tarik & Hazels relationship at first. Check it out below:

Now, lets get to know more about the couple through our Q & A below:

What were your first impressions of each other online?

What was it like meeting each other in person for the first time?

What made you both decide to live together in Cebu?

Do you guys eventually plan on returning to the US together?

Marriage in the future?

Dean, how do you feel about being on Pillow Talk?

Would you guys be on 90 Day Fiancé together?

In conclusion, we’re very happy for them and wish the couple nothing but the best. We look forward to hearing more regarding their journey and will continue to keep you all updated along the way, but for now, make sure to keep watching Dean and Tarik on Pillow Talk every Sunday evening on TLC!

For more updates, follow Dean & Rigin on Instagram:

Rigins Instagram: www.Instagram.com/sweetrigin

Deans Instagram: www.Instagram.com/deanhashim90

Dean is also on Cameo! He does shout-outs and personalized video messages for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just for fun. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link: www.Cameo.com/deanhashim

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