The new season of 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After? Season 4 is returning this spring. TLC network recently confirmed the six couples who will be returning to the show:

Nicole Nafziger & Azan Tefou

Nicole (Florida) & Azan (Morocco) were in the original series of 90 Day Fiancé, seasons 4 and 5. They were also on the spin-off, Happily Ever After? season 3. Although there has been no confirmation of marriage, yet, they are still going strong.  In the latest season with Nicole & Azan, they cancelled their wedding plans and made the decision to invest their $6000 in a beauty store instead. From what we hear, the new upcoming season will finally give us answers regarding their previously planned business venture.

Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno

Chantel (Georgia) & Pedro (Dominican Republic) were in the original series of 90 Day Fiancé season 4 and the spin off, Happily Ever After? seasons 2 and 3. Near the end of their latest season, Pedro and Chantel’s brother, River, got into an altercation during a family dinner and due to this, the episode became one of the most controversial in 90 Day Fiancé history.  Based on the new season preview, which was recently broadcasted by TLC, it seems as though the couple is still together and going strong. By rarely posting about each other on social media, they have been keeping the fans guessing about their status. Do you think the family Chantel and Pedro will be able to overcome their past, and major differences, in the upcoming season?

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet & Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth (Florida) and Andrei (Moldova) were in the original series of 90 Day Fiancé, season 5. However, this will be their first appearance on the spin off, Happily Ever After. Over the course of their latest season, their family did not quite see eye to eye, but in the end the couple tied the knot despite these obstacles. On a more recent note, Elizabeth and Andrei welcomed their first daughter, Eleanor Louise, on January 23rd 2019.  Fans will finally get to see the couple become parents in the new season.

Ashley Martson & Jay Smith

Ashley (Pennsylvania) and Jay (Jamaica) were in the original and latest series of 90 Day Fiancé, season 6, and this will be their first appearance on the spin off show Happily ever after?, season 4. After getting married in Las Vegas, the couple ended their previous season on a very bad note after Ashley discovered Jay was talking to other women on Tinder.  Having said this, based on social media updates, the couple seems that they are still together and working through it.

Colt Johnson & Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Colt (Las Vegas) and Larissa (Brazil) from the original and most recent series of 90 Day Fiancé, season 6, will be in their first appearance on the spin off, Happily ever After?, season 4. They were married in summer 2018, but the marriage unfortunately only lasted about 6 months before the split. On January 16, 2019, Larissa was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Colt subsequently filed for divorce on January 18, 2019. Rekindling this is apparently off the table, as Larissa’s charges are still pending and the divorce is being finalized.

Russ Mayfield & Paola Mayfield

Russ (Oklahoma) and Paola (Colombia) aired in the original series of 90 Day Fiancé, season 1.  They have also been in all three seasons of the hit spin off, Happily Ever After. The happily married couple resides in Miami, where they recently became a family of three. Russ and Paola welcomed their first child, Axel Mayfield, a baby boy, born on January 1st 2019.  Fans are thrilled to watch Paola and Russ’s transition into parenthood and finally see this bundle of joy.

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